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Book Recovery Project, Part I ;)

In Actions in Activities, Pictures, Short on March 3, 2012 at 12:37 am

I’ve been crafty today 🙂

I made a bookmark from I could make that (found from Pinterest, lots of cool craft ideas).

I also started working on recovering a notebook. As in, putting a new cover on it :).

 I started with an old, formerly hardcover, notebook.

I didn’t want to lose my old drawings and such, so I used my craft knife to cut along the inside of the spine, splitting it in two. Then I used some scissors to trim the edges.Note: I’m not left handed, just in case you were wondering. I had to gold the camera with my right hand.Next, I cut out the side of a cereal box, measured the book (cover and spine), and cut out pieces of cardboard about the same size (they ended up a little bigger than the book which was good, you want a little overlap).I hot glued the cardboard on the front and spine. You want to do this very quickly so you don’t get bumps, also, make sure there’s space for the cover and spine to open smoothly or the glue may pop off.  Next, I ran out of glue. 🙂 So, guess what? You get to read the next part tomorrow! I’ll get some glue then and finish the book.

Aren’t sunrises amazing? I took these on the way home from taking Daddy to the bus stop. 🙂

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