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Of Camp and Birthdays

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I can’t believe it’s only 12 days ’til camp!

I’ve been getting things together for months, so it’s really strange to actually, really almost be there! I’m finished reading the staff manual (which apparently makes me an over-achiever lol) and almost done with the Bible study.

For first week our theme is “Time Machine” and we are going to decorate the cabin all futuristic and spacey (wacey). Lots of chrome and white. ūüôā I’m looking forward to it! I plan on making full use of our enormous roll of white butcher paper and stocking up on silver wrapping paper from dollar tree.

Second week is “NeKaMo, The Musical”. It’s taken me a while to think of a way to decorate for that, but I think I’ve got it! At first I was thinking of doing something from Phineas and Ferb, perhaps “Roller Coaster” or something. But after trying to figure out how to decorate for that I decided on “The Music Man.” It is, after all, my favorite musical, plus, much easier to decorate for. One of my favorite scenes is the library scene where they all dance through the bookshelves, over the tables, up the stairs and all along the catwalks. Note: I am referring, of course to the 1962 version with Robert Preston and Shirley Jones. Matthew Broderick is, always has been, and forever will be, Inspector Gadget. ¬†Welcome to Madison Public Library! To do this I plan to use my handy dandy butcher paper as shelves and construction paper as books. I may do some names on some of the spines, but I’m not sure how much time I will have to work on decorating.

Friday was Claire’s 13th birthday! We now have 3 teenagers in the house! She had planned to have her tea party on her birthday, but no one was able to come so we have to reschedule. We still wanted to make her day special, so we planned a day of surprises! She started by waking up to a gift of soaps and bath things and then going out to eat with Mom and Dad (she knew about lunch) in her birthday TARDIS. We painted the car with “Traffic And Relative Distance In Space” and a bunch of other DW related things along with the obligatory “HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY!” After they were done eating Mom and Dad gave Claire a chocolate bar and the clue to their next stop (all clues penned by ¬†Mom, Meg and me):

Your next destination

With chocolate goes well

The poem proves that

You think it is swell


Next she had a surprise trip to Starbucks. After they got Frappuccinos they gave Claire a new hairbrush and:

You’ve wanted to do

This for quite a while

A tip of the hat to

Your Clairey-flair style


They took Claire to get her hair cut and (Surprise!) we met them there. She got a SUPER cute bob/chop thing. I’m not really sure what to call it, but it’s very short in the back and slants forward to chin length in the front. She got socks and money and her clue:

Put them on after socks

That is what you do

You’ll think this place rocks

We think you do too!


This was the only one that she figured out. Claire, Meg and I went to The Legends (a huge strip/outdoor mall kind of thing) and went to the Converse Outlet. She got a pair of Tardis blue high-tops! What she didn’t expect was a stop at Hot Topic to ¬† get a Doctor Who t-shirt. We hadn’t ever been there before, but I heard they had DW stuff so we checked it out. I have discovered my new favorite place to get shirts. Not only do they have most of my favorite memes in t-shirt form, they have Doctor Who and My Little Pony stuff!. Claire got a shirt with a weeping angel as “Michelangelo’s Man” and I got “Keep Calm and Don’t Blink.” ‚̧ After we got done shopping we gave her a flashlight and the last clue:

Dark it will be

With food to consume

But with this you can see

It won’t be in a room


She assumed this was referring to the graduation party we were going to on the way home. Wrong. We¬†did go to a friends party for a while (and got to see a bunch of camp people!) and eat outside, but the surprise was waiting at home. We got back and Dad had the tent up and a fire going. We all started talking about the shopping trip and showed them our shirts. We were about to go in when Dad asked Claire to go get the bikes out so Hannah and Adam could show their tricks. Claire went to get them and the whole shed erupted with squeals and laughter and Claire and her friends came running out! ¬†We had a lovely sleep-out! BTW a “sleep-out” is a cross between a sleepover and a campout. You take all the sleeping bags and movies and giggles of a slumber party and put it in a tent (with an extension cord for the TV).

It was all great fun and Claire said it was her best birthday ever! ūüėÄ

Next Stop: Everywhere!

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In honor of all of my friends who are graduating!

I’m so excited for all of us ;)! ¬†By the way, you have no idea how many versions of this song there are on YouTube. This is my favorite of the ones I heard though. Love the orchestration! I’ve seen it by both “I am The Doctor” and “Next Stop: Everywhere”, but as far as I can tell it’s pretty much the same theme. If someone can explain the difference feel free! ūüôā

I’m discovering I tend to be¬†pessimistic. I’ll find myself thinking things like “… but that wouldn’t work because I…” ¬†or considering planning an event, “No one would come though.” This is a poisonous attitude and can block you from opportunities. It saddens me to think of what I may have missed. Stop thinking wonderful things couldn’t happen to you! Stop thinking about not having friends and go make some! This is a selfish attitude.¬†Don’t lock yourself into a pity party! LIVE!

Last Friday I started volunteering at the library! It went pretty well, I think. I started by feeding and watering the bunnies. They are so fluffy and soft! Nothing like the guinea pigs we had a for a couple of months. Next I shelved YA. I don’t mean any offence to anyone, but have you noticed how all the YA books are pretty much the same? I mean seriously. How many books do we need about 1) the end of the world, 2) doomed love or 3) monster love (zombies, vampires, random vicious what-have-you). Maybe I just don’t get it. I’m more of a sci-fi, fantasy, classics kind of girl. Ah, well, c’est la vie.

The rest of my time I reshelved non-fiction, biographies, DVDs and music. If anyone thinks that Librarians have an easy job, you need to volunteer for a while. There are ever so many little numbers and letters, and they have to pay attention to all of them. Thank you Mom, for teaching me how to alphabetize! lol I would have been so embarrassed.

All that so say, I had a wonderful time! I can’t wait to go back!


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Yes, I’m going to get sappy on Mother’s Day. I’m sorry Mom. Thank you for all you do for us, even when we drive you nuts. You give us the benefit of the doubt when no one else does. Thank you for talking to us when we don’t want to hear it. You really are right pretty much every time. You are the voice of reason.


You¬†underestimate¬†yourself. You expect that we will do great at everything we do, but then you don’t realize we got everything from you and Dad. Thank you for seeing the best in everyone, but not sugar coating it. Thank you for trying to be fair, while still explaining that life isn’t fair and that’s not what we really want.


Thank you for introducing us to a wide¬†variety of music. You have taught us to love everything from bluegrass to big band to Bach (and for teaching the usefulness of alliterations).¬†¬† You are the reason we listen to Nat King Cole,¬†Mozart¬† Elvis, Lil’ Richard,¬†Mendelsohn, Frank Sinatra, The Piano Guys, Chuck Berry and Billy Joel all in one day. Even if you don’t personally like all of those, you broadened our horizons.


Thank you for exposing us to art. You have given us the chance to see beautiful things. Thank you for teaching us how to make art in our own ways. Whether by teaching us yourself, like with our writing, or by having us take lessons. Thank you for encouraging me in my music and for teaching me everything I know about playing piano.


Thank you for not just schooling us, but educating us. You have taught us how to learn. Thank you for recognizing that some things we will have to learn on our own and at our own time. Thank you for teaching us to teach ourselves and nurturing a desire to learn.


Thank you for putting up with me and pointing out when I’m being unreasonable. Thank you for yelling at me and getting upset, but then apologizing. You’ve showed me that you are not perfect, but you point me to the one who is. Thank you for admitting when you are wrong, even though you don’t get much practice at it.



Thank you for passing on a love of reading and encouraging us to read the good books. You have allowed us to read books just for fun, but also gotten us hooked on classics, even ones you haven’t read. THank you for instilling a love of language.

I know you don’t think you are doing a good job, but that is one of the few things you are wrong about. I really can’t think of anything you could do better.

DSCF9664 I love you Mamacita (or Short Boss).

A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening

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Happy 220th post!

This was funny to me. None of the results surprize me at all! I’m a derpy-word-nerd-trekiwhovian.¬†^_^ says I'm a Slightly Dorky High Nerd.  Click here to take the Nerd Test, get nerdy images and jokes, and write on the nerd forum!

Ok, so, about the titles. I have a tough time coming up with names so I like to use the name of a song I listened to whilst writing this post. Last time I was getting ready for Elegant Evening and I liked that title better than any of the others I listened to. I was going to title this post “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, because it did in fact come up on my Pandora, it is uncommonly cold. In fact, drum roll please. <brtrtrt> It snowed. I’m not kidding at all. Last Thursday it snowed about 2-3 inches. I’m still kind of in shock. ¬†But anyway, I would like to focus more on recent events and less on the weather. lol

Elegant Evening was splendid fun. It was contra dancing similar to what I have done before, so knowledge helped make up for¬†clumsiness. There were only a couple of guys (although most of the dads danced at least a couple and our caller danced almost all of the dances), so many of us had to dance as boys. It really doesn’t matter for this kind of dancing though, it can make it a bit confusing sometimes, but it does make it less awkward. It was great fun, and didn’t feel like three hours at all. Perhaps one, but certainly not three.

Last Tuesday (30th not the 7th) Meg, Claire and I gave our speeches. Megs was about alter egos, focusing on Superman, The Scarlet Pimpernel and Julia Child. It was really interesting and she did marvelously. My speech was quite fun. It was a demonstration on making apple cobbler in a dutch oven. Normally it wouldn’t have been to entertaining, but once I got done explaining what a dutch oven is and got into the cooking show it really kicked up.¬†Literally¬† I started out by setting out my cartons of “ingredients”¬† (small cardboard boxes marked butter, sugar, flour and milk). I¬†nonchalantly¬†put the ingredients in my large bowl as I told the steps. ¬†Then I took my wooden spoon and began pounding the boxes and mixing them up. Everyone in the room jumped when I first began beating boxes, and then laughed as I kept the gag up. It was wonderful fun, and it was going very well, but I got so caught up in it I lost my place and cut my ending short. It didn’t¬†affect¬†my score though and I don’t think the teacher noticed (at least she didn’t seem to when I mentioned it afterwards).¬†Unfortunately, Claire gave her speech about Betta Fish (complete with live fish!¬†Volucris¬†was fine on the car ride to and from, but Claire got a little bit wet lol) as I was in the kitchen scooping up cobbler for everyone. ūüė¶

Poetic Voices was right after debate, and it was brilliant. There were the usual cliche “woe is me, I am undone” poems, but there were also quite a few that really made me chuckle. Claire was the opener and did a¬†fantastic job! Everyone laughed at all the right places! Meg did a wonderful job as well! She was so poised and elegant,¬†tranquilly¬†talking about leaves and then, their demise.¬†¬†It was so funny! ūüėÄ Mine went much better than last time! I didn’t hide behind my hair (thanks to my crochet hook) and a think I spoke clearly and with good tone. I may have been a bit close to the microphone though, and I coughed into it. Stupid allergies.

I know I already talked about my graduation, but I want to share something God is teaching me. I had been wondering how I was going to get the registration deposit together for my doula training, let alone pay for the rest of ¬†it. ¬†The total sum of my graduation gifts was almost exactly what I need to reserve a spot in the class. Ok God, You have my attention. You will provide everything I need. ¬†I’m not wondering how to earn the money I need. I’m not wondering how to get a job or why even McDonalds hasn’t called me back. I may be curious, but He will take care of it.

I have some more news, but I’ll save that for Friday (hint)!


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