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Really and Truly?

In Musings on April 18, 2012 at 12:57 am

Talk about “Shock and Awe”!

First, Shock.

“The library called…”

Oh great! What’ve I done now?

“…about the poetry contest.”

“They chose your poem as a representative for our branch.”

*blink* Say what?

Wonder which one they picked.

And that’s pretty much how I found out. I entered about 3 poems in the county wide teen poetry contest a few weeks ago (Which you can read on here if you dig ūüėČ )

Saturday they called mom and told her they had chosen one of my poems as a¬†representative! Yesterday I got an email from them with a copy of the “official letter”, telling me the details and which poem and everything. Turns out, they picked “The Wanderer“! I am really thrilled! Also turns out that I have to¬†recite (is it still a¬†recitation if you read it?)¬† it at the competition. ¬†Joy. Yet another reason I am SOOO thankful for (and really miss) speech and debate! I’m so nervous, I hate to think of how bad I’d be freaking out if I¬†hadn’t taken it! I’m pretty sure my butterflies have butterflies… If you think to, could you pray for me? I got the real “official letter” today with the scoring rubric. Thankfully presentation is the smallest part of your score (but still quite a bit). I’m going to try to memorize my poem, but I’m going to also have paper because I am SURE I will forget part of it or screw up in some other way. The I have to be at the contest by6 Friday, it actually starts at 6:30. Seriously, please pray for me, I might barf.

And now, Awe.

Claire and I had a babysitting job this evening. Why is that “Awe”, you ask?

Imagine you are a security guard by profession. You’re just kind of an average Jo/e. One day, you get offered a job at Fort Knox. Wow, a security guard’s dream!

What does that have to do with watching someone’s kid?

Imagine she is a princess. The king and queen only want the best, most trusted servants to take care of her.

Put the two together… and you get a mixed¬†metaphor,¬†but seriously! Parents consider their children as treasures and princesses! They aren’t just going to pick up someone off the street to guard their heirs! A man’s home is his castle they say, so shouldn’t it’s¬†residents¬†also be royal?

So that means, when someone hires a babysitter, they are trusting someone as a treasure keeper and a guard for their  princess.



In Actions in Activities on April 12, 2012 at 12:26 pm

For bracelet and headband
Ch 7 ss in first ch
Ch 3 ss in loop ch 4 ss in third ch from start
*Ch 3 ss in loop ch 4 ss in loop*
Repeat from * to * until desired length
Stitch button on end for bracelet
Make yoyo and stitch button through for headband

I’m a Dandelion

In Pictures on April 10, 2012 at 1:53 am

This evening I took everyone to the park and we walked the nature trail, thus, I am now paranoid about ticks. Hmm :\. Anyway.

After we got back home we watched Toy Story. I remember watching it when I was Hannah’s age, maybe even younger. Someone asked how old the movie was, so I told them it was about as old as me.¬†Apparently, that is SUPER old. WHO ARE THESE CHILDREN?! I’m just 10!

Right? Right? Wrong? How did I get to be so old without noticing?

Today I finally printed off an application for the GED. Really? ME?! Graduating? EVER!?

My Dad was a youth leader for a year when I was about 7. Although we made some great friends while there, I hated it at the time. “Those Teenagers” were always making MY DADDY go places with them. Making MY DADDY take care of them. I hated “Those Teenagers”, or at least what they did. Now, you have to remember, I was 7! I didn’t know much of anything about any of the circumstances, I just knew MY DADDY was acting more like THEIR DADDY, and I didn’t like it. I told myself I would never become one of “Those Teenagers”. ¬†Oops. You kind of can’t help growing up. I remember when they started graduating High School, long after we left. They were still at least a little evil in my eyes. ***In case any of them are reading, they have been LONG forgiven!*** It’s amazing how much we can change in 10 years. ^_^ I remember when I realized I was one of “Those Teenagers”, and now, I’m almost through.

If you had asked me what I was going to do after school a few months ago I would have told you, ¬†study to become a childbirth doula¬†and then a midwife. But now, I don’t know for sure. ¬†I hadn’t ever thought I could do college. ¬†I’m not smart enough. I’d never get¬†accepted. People had told me I should go on and be a doctor or a nurse, but I just gave them my by now memorized answer. But is¬†that¬†really what I still should do? Maybe we need more midwifery minded doctors and nurses.¬† That’s for the smarter, richer, more conceited¬† people. You know, THEM. ¬†But then, we pass so many hospitals every week. ¬†Maybe those people need some Jesus. ¬†I haven’t made any¬†decisions. My next 2 or 3 steps are the same. Pass the GED and get certified as a doula. But after that? Hold all things loosely. ¬†Just because I felt strongly about becoming a midwife then, doesn’t mean it is God’s plan. ¬†And maybe it is.

Really? I’m turning 18 this summer? Can’t be. I’m voting this election? Never.


The Wanderer

In Musings on April 6, 2012 at 11:07 pm

(Pronounced Loth-laura-lean)


Lothloralien, Lothloralien

Like streams of gold, down flow her hair

Sweet wanderer over valleys green

With eyes so bright and skin so fair


She left her home down by the sea

So full of courage, yet despair

Moving silently and mourning

To speak whom for, none dare


Lothloralien, Lothloralien

Like streams of gold, down flow her hair

Sweet wanderer over valleys green

With eyes so bright and skin so fair


She weeps and wanders

Sweet songs of longing in the distance fade

Singing for her child, gone

Now by the brook, now through  the glade


Lothloralien, Lothloralien

Like streams of gold, down flow her hair

Sweet wanderer over valleys green

With eyes so bright and skin so fair


Watch, my child, as she walks down the bank

Streaming blossoms in her wake

Her hair loose about her face

She raises her voice and makes leaves quake


Lothloralien, Lothloralien

Like streams of gold, down flow her hair

Sweet wanderer over valleys green

With eyes so bright and skin so fair


Her first love too, she longs for so

They had not time to live their vows

In her short sleep she finds no rest

Dear wanderer, through the boughs


Lothloralien, Lothloralien

Like streams of gold, down flow her hair

Sweet wanderer over valleys green

With eyes so bright and skin so fair


She cries aloud for all to hear

To wander on, her only task

The fair young maiden of the wood

Why does she weep, none need to ask


Lothloralien, Lothloralien

Like streams of gold, down flow her hair

Sweet wanderer over valleys green

With eyes so bright and skin so fair


Her first young lover she did wed

She put up with much scorn

Then lost her dear one and their babe

One frightful early morn’

Etsy, Camp and What-have-you

In Actions in Activities, Camp, Pictures on April 3, 2012 at 1:07 am

‘Ello, ‘ello!

I am back, from… nowhere. Sorry to disappoint you. No, I have no amazing stories about my amazing trip to¬†Minnesota¬†or some other obscure place ;).

I have begun an Etsy shop. Well, that is only half ¬†true (“…my mother was a¬†Caterpillar, my father was a worm. But I am ok with that now.”), it’s a shop for the whole farm, but so far I’m the only one that has anything listed. I’m also thinking about selling at a craft show at the end of the month. ¬†I need money for camp, and I’m not really going to be able to get a job before then because of our trips, so I¬†decided¬†to actually DO something with my crafts :).

I’m just realizing I did this same post last year, but in May. It totally feels like May! Oh My Word! It was nearly 90¬į today! UHG! WAY too hot for April 2nd! We seem to have skipped Winter and Spring, and gone straight from Fall to Summer! Crazy! Today we mowed for the second time this season (and it was over due!)! Yuck. I hate summer. Well, maybe not hate.

I went back and looked at last years posts around this time and I found that I posted both yesterday, and Wednesday of last year! ūüôā Here’s my post from April 4th, 2011. Went back even further to March 28th, and read my post about the “kittens” Wow! Hard to believe they’re over a year old now! My sweet Pidgey!¬†

Oh yes! Our trips!¬†I haven’t told you about our trips yet!

In May we are going down to Huntsville for like a week or 2, for a class with Daddy’s work. While we’re down there, we’re going to have a birthday party for my Great-Grandmama H’s 95th birthday. Nearly all of her¬†descendants¬†are coming! ūüėÄ Most of them I haven’t seen in years (probably since her 90th), and none of them (Except Oma and Opa) have met Josh! Actually, I’m wondering if they have all met Hannah…

And, perhaps, if we can pull it off, in June, before Camp, we might be going to Colorado! XD I’m really hoping we can! I’ve never been!

Then there’s camp. Happy Sigh. I’m I’m so excited! Even more-so than last year, as I will be graduating CILT! It’s been a lot of work (and there’s a TON more to do!), but it’s been really good and I’ve really enjoyed it! yep, that was just two “really”s in quick¬†succession. That’s like, the opposite of a double negative, or something. (April Fools! Brain hurt? Mine does.)

Sorry for the random post, I’ll try to write a more composed post maybe tomorrow or something.

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