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My New Best Friend :)

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 Yes, it’s true! I have a new bestest friend! Her name is Sock Yarn! Yep! I have finally discovered sock yarn! I love it! It’s just light enough, but not too light. 🙂  And I can’t even make socks! XD  That will be one of my next projects once I finish this and my other ones :).  This will be a beret.  I have made others with plain red heart yarn you get at Walmart, but this one is with a smaller hook and sock yarn. I’m working in a circle (you can probably tell from the picture).

I have been meaning to post about why I love blogging for a while now.  here are a few of my main reasons 🙂

  • You can tell a story, and now one can interrupt you!  You can start whenever you want and end whenever you decide, and come back later. 🙂
  • You can talk about something, even if it’s random and has nothing to do with what the last person just said!
  • You can either say a lot, or a little.
  • You can connect with people far away, across the world even.

Tuesday I have a Debate tournament all day. I’m very excited they moved it, I wasn’t going to get to come because it was going to be on the last day of Nationals.  Speaking of which! Nationals is NEXT WEEK! O.O

I gave my Speech last week! It went ok, but I had the wrong draft with me! 😦  I still got an 80 though :).

Today we went to Hobby Lobby and got the fabric for my dress :D!  Here’s it is!

I suppose I will get off, go to bed and end my post now :).


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I’m getting restless. 

But, I’m scared. Scared to move on, because it means moving out of my comfort zone. 

But scared to stay put, because I have to do this.

This is the year.

This Summer. 

I’ve waited for years, but it hasn’t worked out yet.

 It will this year.

Things are falling into place.

 Connections are being made.

This is the year they get a chance.

Haircuts :D

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Today, we all got haircuts :D. Mom, Claire and I went to Fantastic Sam’s, and Mom cut Meg’s :). 

I love my cut! It’s just a trim with bangs, but I love it! XD  The ends were driving me nuts!  They just kinda, sputtered out at the ends of my ponytail/braid. 😛 Made me crazy. :\ Mom’s going to do it next time, lol none of us want fancy stuff!

Tomorrow Mom is getting her Thyroid taken out. Please pray for us. 🙂

Bunny is getting stronger :).  Vet is coming Thursday to castrate Sir and Check over Bunny.

Eagles and whatnot

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Shalom! 😉

You probably have seen, or at least heard of the eagle’s nest in Iowa.  If you have a Facebook, you are probably sick of seeing links of it! XD Our family has been checking in on them every now and then too. Everyone has been talking about how cute the eaglets are, but, honestly, I think they are quite ugly!  They aren’t like chicks, all fluffy and yellow and innocent looking.  They look like they would try to kill you now! And the parents really do look like they could!  Don’t get me wrong, I think they look amazing!  They are beautiful birds!  They just look fierce.  They are very interesting to watch.  Yesterday, when the mom or dad (I still can’t tell which is which) was cleaning the nest and moving the egg (two of the eggs have hatched, the other should hatch anytime now), they picked up one of the eaglets and tossed it to the edge of the nest.  The funniest part of it, though, was the viewers jumped instantly! It was soooo funny!  It was like the people who were watching called their friends and told them to get over there and watch!  We were cracking up watching the viewers jump and fall as the mama did stuff and got off the nest and you could see the babies.  Click here to see what the eagles are doing now!

I am getting very excited about this summer!  especially camp and The Rebelution Conference!  I honestly can’t  wait!  This last weekend really made me excited about camp. 

Saturday, I went up to our old neighborhood with Claire and sold coupon books (a lady from our church gets them from a grocery store for free because she knows the owner).  It was SO nice outside!  A great day to walk around for a few hours!  That evening we had a campfire, and ate hotdogs and bratwurst :).  Very fun!  I like a good fire, and it was very nice as it started getting dark and a little cold.  That reminded me of camp.

Yesterday, it was very hot and windy. That reminded me of camp too lol, especially at bed time when it started raining :). I don’t know why this reminded me of camp, I guess because it rained most of the nights (at least I think it did).

Today I had a couple of “photo shoots” with Hannah and Meg 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I would strongly encourage you to check out my other blog, Somethin’ Simple.  A very few of you may remember our last attempt at an E-buissiness a few years ago, and what an awful failure it was.  I would like to reassure you that this is different!  I can now drive, so I can get to the post office, so you will actually get your things in a timely manner.    And, if I do say so myself, our products are much better 😉

Ok, well, thank you for reading through my sales pitch.

Good night ROABs 🙂


Penelope Pigeon

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Hey ROAB’s!

We have decided on a name for my Kitten! 😀 Penelope Pigeon, Pige for short. It’s very fitting. 😉

Today I half memorized about 12 verses (I already had them sort of memorized, so this finished it 🙂 )

I didn’t give my speech yesterday.  This semester the class is very big, so we knew we wouldn’t get to all of them.  We won’t be giving them next week though, because we have a Tournament (which I didn’t know about!), so I’ll have a lot of time to practice :).

Can’t really think of anything to write about… I shall leave you with this picture :).

April Fool’s! lol I have another picture for you 😉

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