Day 15, More snow

In Pictures, Short on January 20, 2011 at 11:01 pm

Today we worked on cleaning our room.  The nice thing about doing it together, is we can talk about how we want to decorate it later, and work on plans. 🙂  A few items we’ve decided must be part of it are;

  • A hammock chair in the unused corner (well, it’s supposed to be unused, right now we have the old TV in it)
  •  A mirror, Preferably one of those full body mirrors on a stand that tilts (I forget what those are called…)
  • A more feminine desk, the one we have now is brown, and would go much better in Adam’s room
  • Shelves covering one wall, perhaps with a spot for a desk
  • Meg’s Dress form she has been wanting to get

I took a nap this afternoon, because I don’t feel very good. 😦

Day 15, Snowdrifts

I didn’t get many pictures today because the battery is almost flat (LOL the bad thing about telling stories in a speech, is, your audience may only remember the story! lol Thank you Ken Ham! Flat=Dead, Nursing = Holding, in Australia)

This is why we call her "Eyeball"

I don’t think we’ll be going to Quiz practice tomorrow… :\

Watch this! Michelle is the assistant teacher of my debate class 🙂  See if you notice something in a speech that your not supposed to do.

  1. Fun!! Redoing a bedroom is fun! I hope it is going well 🙂
    Aw, I’m sorry that you weren’t feeling too good 😦 I pray you are feeling better now!
    Great pictures too 🙂

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