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Day 23, Cookie! :)

In Pictures, Short on January 30, 2011 at 10:15 pm

I’m still not feeling good, tomorrow we’re going to the doctor… I hate that…. 😛  We are supposed to be getting a blizzard this week, not sure I like that… there are a few things I kinda didn’t want to miss… lol

Day 23, Cookie!

Sorry this is so random… :\ “I’m feeling___mel-unk-el-y” 😉 lol

Days 21 and 22

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My strange banana O_O


 When I got my banana off of the bunch yesterday, I noticed it looked very strange.  My thinking is, two neighboring baby bananas got so squished when they were growing, that they just stuck like that (each side is like it’s own banana). 🙂  So I got to thinking, I bet I know what these/this will look like cut in half! So I cut it.  

What happens when you cut a banana with a slit in it in half? HEARTS XD



 I was right!  

Day 21, I ❤ Bananas!




Day 22, Birds


I’ve been  feeling really gross today and yesterday, Mama thinks it must be strep like everyone else had, so I’m going back to bed. 😛

Day 20

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Day 20, Spring is Coming!


Today I had Debate class.  It was very good! We had a debate, to show the new people what we’re going to be doing next week at the tournament 🙂 .  This morning after Daddy left for work (He always says goodbye before he leaves), I couldn’t fall back to sleep. 😦 It turned out ok, I had to get up early this morning for class anyway, but I didn’t really want to get up that early! :\  I got out of bed at 7, and started getting dressed and ready. By the time I was done, it wasn’t even 7:30, so I got some Cheerio’s and went downstairs to check email and Facebook to make sure that they were still having class.   They were, as I expected, it hasn’t snowed in a few days and the roads are clear, so I finished my cereal and got on my boots and coat, and got together my stuff, and headed out to the van.  I went out and started it up and turned on the heat to defrost, then went and got the deck brush to get some of the frost of the windshield and driver window, but I forgot the mirrors, passenger window… This caused problems, such as, pulling out onto the highway, and not being able to tell if there are any cars coming.  But I managed. 🙂 I’m here now aren’t I? 😀 lol honestly though, this wasn’t a big problem, the heat almost had the frost on the window taken care of, so it was not that bad :).  I think I’m the only person in class that drove themselves in a 15 passenger van 😀 lol. 

After I got home from class, I went to Walmart for Mom.  I took Meg so we could go faster, and Adam, because, well, he really wanted to go. lol He’s too cute! XD!  On the way home we had to stop for a train. I didn’t want to, you could just barely see it, but Meg made me.  So I stopped and put it in park, I knew it was going to be a while.  After we sat for a few minutes, a car decided she didn’t want to wait for the train, so she crossed over, even though the train was almost there!  Another car started to go, but saw how close the train was and decided to stay put lol.  After the train finally got almost past us, it stopped.  Sigh, this was getting annoying.  Then it started backing up into the siding. This took another while. :\  I had started to get the batteries out of the bag while I was loading them in the back of the van at Walmart, and then sitting in the van waiting for the train, I was really wishing I had.  

That is why I haven’t posted in so long, and today is only day 20.  I ran out of batteries, and couldn’t get any more until yesterday, and I didn’t yesterday, because I was freaking out about my homework for debate (I hadn’t done it yet). So for about 3 or 4 days, I couldn’t find any batteries at all. Not even plain ones. Not even plain ones taken out of something else. 

  Today, I saw at least one Bluebird, a bunch of Robins, and about half a dozen Hawks today among all the other birds that I couldn’t identify. 🙂 Those hawks make me made though.  No matter how hard I try, I still don’t have a picture of one!  Must be Amish. 😉  Oh! Have I ever mentioned that we have Bald Eagles here? No, I didn’t think so. 😀 I’ve only seen a glimpse of one.  Mom and Meg were the first of us to see one, and none of us believed them. Eagles are in places like Alaska, and Oregon, not Missouri.  Missouri is chock full of hawks, but not Bald Eagles.  Well, they got a pamphlet from the nature center, and sure enough. Missouri has one of the highest populations of Eagles in the country! Who knew! O_O 

I fixed the last post if you care to look at the finished version :).

Days 17,18 and 19

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I see you!


Day 17, Peek-a-Boo
They have conquered the snow mountain!
my Afghan
Day 18, Colors (yes I know, slightly out of focus, the battery was dying)


Lots of good news today!  


We worked on our lists (Schoolwork and chores).  I took a GED math pretest.  I only took the math one because it is my very worst and least favorite, in the other pretests it’s mostly just reading comprehension,  and I’m already good at that.  I honestly expected to do awful and only get a few right, but I got 13 right out of 28!  Of course, a bunch were guesses, but educated ones (everyone says I’m a good guesser, well, at least in Quizzing lol), and I got pretty close on somethings we haven’t  worked on!  We have a GED prep book (I think we got it from the church Library :\ ), so I’m going to work on that (Printing off the tests and such, don’t worry, we won’t write in the book 🙂 ).  Hopefully I can finish soon, so I can be done with school, or at least regular school and get on and study to become a midwife.  

This summer is looking better and better :D! 
I found out today that The Rebelution conference  is coming to Kansas City in August! EEEEEEEEEEEP!! When I read on the blog, I literally squealed(well, I tried to keep my mouth shut, but I still made noise lol 😀 )  I’m SOO excited!!  I think I’m going to vollenteer at least at the actual conference, and I’d like to help out before then. 
I’m getting very excited about camp in June. ^_^  Yesterday I got to chat with a good friend I met at camp last year, that I haven’t gotten to talk to in months and months.  We are both doing CILT one  (Pronounced like the man skirt, and won 😉 ), which is the first year of “Campers In Leadership Training” , so we’ll probably get to be in,  [wait for it] The Explorers Cabin (echo echo echo).  Last year, even though we were Explorers (the 10th grade through 12thgrade division), we had to be in one of the regular cabins because there were so many Explorers last year.  This was fine with me, I didn’t know the Explorers cabin was any different anyway, except there aren’t any bathrooms lol.  K filled me in on this.  Cabin 11/12 (otherwise known as the Explorers cabin) was one of the first ones built on the campgrounds, and the Explorers cabin.  It is never  another division cabin, and only Explorers are allowed in it.  According to K, you aren’t really an Explorer until you’re in the Explorers cabin.  All that, plus, at meal times you get to sit in the windowsill in the dining hall, also another thing only Explorers get to do.
  The other day after dinner we started talking about what my bird name should be. Now, let me back up and explain this.  At camp, all the staff have a bird name.  It can be anything from Robin or Bobwhite, to the name of a bird in a story or movie, like Scuttle or Archimedes (Scuttle the Sea Gull  from The Little Mermaid and Archimedes the Owl from The Sword in the Stone), and then also shortened names like Cooper (Coopers Hawk) and Sky (Skylark).    If I remember correctly, they have bird names from 1 Kings 17 when God told Elijah to go to the Kerith Ravine, and sent ravens to bring him food  (not sure I’d want food from birds but in this case…). 
  Back to the dinner table,  we talked about names for a really long time, throwing out random names like Sam Toucan and Ostrich,  but also some cute names like Phoebe and Sand Piper (Piper for short). So far my favorites are Oakalee, Phoebe and Piper.  I couldn’t find a bird called Annabelle (that’s what one of the counselors called me), so Oakalee is my favorite.  It’s the Red Winged Black Bird’s call (look it up on Youtube).  In reading more about RWBBs I found that there are quite a few ways people spell it (After all, how do you spell a sound lol), but I don’t think I saw anywhere spell it Oak-a-lee.  That’s how I spell it though. This is my favorite because it reminds my of Oma, and going bird watching with her, and that’s how she said it :).  Also, I don’t think it’s taken! lol  I don’t remember there being an Oakaleeor Red Winged Black Bird, but I was only there for one week.  Yes I also realize that sounds a lot like Oakley (as in Annie 😉 ). lol

Day 19, Daisy




(This was written on Saturday)   

Today we went to Petsmart for Kitty’s check-up.  Meg and Dad went back with Kitty, and I walked around the store with Hannah, Adam and Claire.  First we went over to the dog grooming place and watched them cut a dogs fur and claws. Then we looked at the cats.  Last time we were there, there was a pregnant mama cat named “Annie” , that was very sweet, but she wasn’t there this time.  Hannah was kind of disappointed, she had wanted to see the kittens.     

There won’t be many pictures at all until later this week when we get batteries (I’m almost completely out, I’ve had to take them out of other things to take the pictures for today and yesterday).


For some reason my blog is acting up and won’t show some of the pictures, please bear with me(Rawr).

Day 16, Snowing again?

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Hello all! 

It started snowing again today! 😐 Not really sure what I think of that.  If we didn’t live on a gravel road, I’d be fine with it. I really do like snow! But when you can’t go play in it, it’s not as fun. I need to clean out my snow boots and wash my snow pants so I can go out!  They’re still muddy from when I fell in the pond.  Oh, I didn’t tell you about that did I?  I think it was last week, I was testing the pond to see if we could sled on it. I got all the way around, and it was still fine,  Then I started walking towards the bank, and my foot went right through the ice and almost ankle deep in mud, and then my other foot went through just in front of it!  In trying to get out, I pulled my boot off.  So there I was, standing in the muddy snow with one boot on, but still down in the mud, and a sock foot!!  I pulled the other foot out, carefully, so as to keep the boot intact, and then started wiggling the other boot to try and get it out.  After pulling myself out of the pond (While the others watched, ok honestly, I didn’t let them help, I didn’t want them to get stuck too lol), I started going back around to where we were sledding  on the bank (The pond is VERY low, so there is like a beach on one side).  About half way to my destination, I fell in again.  I was sureI wasn’t on the ice (it’s hard to tell when it’s covered in snow), but I guess I was, and the same thing happened again! lol  I learned that  the middle of a pond is no necessarily the part your most likely to fall in. 

I found some batteries, so I took more pictures today 🙂 

I’ve decided snowflakes are the hardest thing to take pictures of (At least, that I’ve found).  If you try to catch them on a piece of black paper, they melt and get it all wet.    And if y0u try to catch them on glass (like this window), the camera tries to focus on whatever is on the other side! In any case, you have to be careful where you breath! lol It doesn’t take much to melt a snowflake! 

Editing shows makes the flakes show up better 🙂 Meg wanted me to take pictures of the cat clothes she made lol The Whiskers is not pleased, she's giving you "The Look"


She liked the piece of lunch meat 🙂 lol


And then I did some edits 😀 



Day 16, Fresh

Day 15, More snow

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Today we worked on cleaning our room.  The nice thing about doing it together, is we can talk about how we want to decorate it later, and work on plans. 🙂  A few items we’ve decided must be part of it are;

  • A hammock chair in the unused corner (well, it’s supposed to be unused, right now we have the old TV in it)
  •  A mirror, Preferably one of those full body mirrors on a stand that tilts (I forget what those are called…)
  • A more feminine desk, the one we have now is brown, and would go much better in Adam’s room
  • Shelves covering one wall, perhaps with a spot for a desk
  • Meg’s Dress form she has been wanting to get

I took a nap this afternoon, because I don’t feel very good. 😦

Day 15, Snowdrifts

I didn’t get many pictures today because the battery is almost flat (LOL the bad thing about telling stories in a speech, is, your audience may only remember the story! lol Thank you Ken Ham! Flat=Dead, Nursing = Holding, in Australia)

This is why we call her "Eyeball"

I don’t think we’ll be going to Quiz practice tomorrow… :\

Watch this! Michelle is the assistant teacher of my debate class 🙂  See if you notice something in a speech that your not supposed to do.

Day 14, Wow already 2 weeks?

In Pictures, Short on January 19, 2011 at 11:05 pm

Hi everyone!

After the snow was finally almost gone, it started snowing again! :\ It’s basically a blizzard after snowing only a few hours, and still coming down hard.  Daddy didn’t get home until after 7:30, because his bus was an hour late. O.O  It took him 4 and a half hours to get home (It usley only takes an hour or so)

Meg playing with an army man and a candy cane

"Don't worry! I have the candy!"

Day 14, Snow

 No Debate tomorrow because of the snow.

Days 11,12 and 13, AIG conference

In Pictures on January 18, 2011 at 11:52 pm

Wow, Feels like I haven’t posted in forever! lol It’s only been three days though!

Sunday morning we went to the “Mega-Church” where Ken Ham was speaking, to hear his first session, The Relevance of Genesis in Today’s World, but we got there late, so we had to sit in overflow, but we didn’t know it.  We went in and sat down, and it was just playing on a screen.  We watched for a while, and then Mom took Hannah out, and in walking up and down the halls, heard that what we were listening to was different than what he was saying.  Come to find out, we were listening to the earlier service, recorded…. :\ we were getting quite annoyed.

We came back in the evening, Mr. Ham spoke about How to Reach the Secularized World with the Gospel. It was very interesting, but we didn’t know it was their regular service.  They had the music and everything like normal, at least,  I guess it was normal for them. 😦 None of us liked it. It was like they tried to mix Praise and Worship, with Hymns, and the outcome was not something I would care to hear again.  They had the same beat through all of the songs. It was like a small orchestra, and a contemporary band mixed up into one (But not in a good way like Trans Siberian Orchestra).   A Tuba, Trumpets, French horns, all kinds of drums (Small to  HUGE), Violins, Guitars (electric and acoustic) and Harps to name a few.  Add in a full choir and it sounds more like a jumbled mess than a joyful noise.  Now, I know it can be done in a beautiful way, but in my opinion, this was not it. Sorry to sound negative. 🙂 It wasn’t that bad…

After Mr Ham spoke, Dr. Gary Parker talked about Genes and Genesis.  Extremely interesting! I realized that everyone is related, because we all go back to Adam, and then Noah, but I hadn’t really thought about there not really being any “races”. No one’s really white.  If you look like a piece of paper, something is terribly wrong!  And no one’s really black.  Everyone has the same (basic) pigments, so just different shades of brown. 

Day11, Sun

Monday Ken Ham had a session for younger kids with a lot of stuff like Dinosaurs, like , and “what happened to the Dinosaurs? They Died”.  He also explained that Dinosaurs were made on the 6th day with Adam, and the average size of a Dino was about the size of a sheep, and some were as small as chickens or smaller! Full of great stuff!  Then he had a session for older kids (think Highschool age), and talked about some of the most asked questions, like “where did Cains wife come from?”.   I had always thought this was a dumb question (yes now I know that some people don’t believe these things lol).  Of course, it’s his sister! There’s no one else there!! Yes, now it would be… Nasty. But it was different then!  He did explain the part I didn’t understand though.  Because Adam and Eve were the first people, they had no mutations or anything, so any that their kids had, were not very strong. (if that makes any sense at all lol) Now, we get not exactly our parents genes, but our siblings get close enough, that whatever we would pass on would be very strong, and so the children would have it even stronger, and it would just be a big mess. They explained all this MUCH more eloquently than I can.  This game kind of explains a bit, you can also go to the Answers in Genesis website and search for whatever you have a question about

Today we’ve been catching up on everything we didn’t get done all weekend! lol

Only in America can you get fresh cherries in the middle of winter? lol

Day 13, Chillaxin'

red eye!

Day 12, Ken Ham

Good night all!

Days 9 and 10

In Pictures, Short on January 15, 2011 at 10:40 pm

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I forgot lol!

We had a pretty busy day today.

We dropped Meg and Claire off at their art class field trip to the Art Museum, then Dad and I went to a Premarriage Seminar at our church (They will have the link for download on the website).  On the way we drove through “The Plaza”. I had never been there before, so now I know what people are referring to lol!  It’s amazing!

Day 10, Quiet Talk

A store so fancy and expensive, that I haven’t even heard of it… lol

Day 9, Sunset

Tomorrow we are going to the Answers In Genesis Conference “Not Ashamed”.  First time to see Ken Ham in person! 🙂

Just for fun: Meg playing her \”Guitar\”

Goodnight all!

Day 8, Debate

In Pictures, Short on January 13, 2011 at 8:53 pm


Today was the first debate class of the semester! We had to interview a new friend (as in meet them lol) for three minutes, then you have three minutes to sum up your life for the other person. lol After this, you have to give a speech (not long, just about the length of a commercial) about them, being sure to include any interesting things they happen to remember about themselves in three minutes.  My partner had been to 48 states!

Day 8, Sunrise

This afternoon, Mom took Meg to Hancock’s and I stayed back with Hannah, Adam and Claire.  But Adam is sick and Claire was keeping herself busy on the computer.  I had made some Hot Cocoa, and took it upstairs.  After Drinking some of it I let Hannah have some, and realized, her small hands are ADORABLE on my big cup!

Good to that last drop, no matter how hard to get!

Out of about 100 pictures, these are about the only ones that came out… Little hands, no matter how cute, are very wiggly. 🙂

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