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Up and an Update

In Uncategorized on November 10, 2009 at 6:51 pm


Well, a lot has happened lately.  Last Monday, Bear and I got our ears pierced at Claire’s.   I can’t take them out for 5 more weeks (about a week before Christmas), and then I have to keep some kind of post in for 6 months.  If anyone tells you it doesn’t hurt, their lying.  It still hurts a little when I clean them.

I also got a haircut! I haven’t had it this short for YEARS! I did get bangs, and long layers around my face. I like the bangs and the front, but the girl put alot of layers in the back too.  It makes my hair not so thick (It’s normaly super thick). I used to complain about it being so thick, I couldn’t do much with it, and even now that it’s not so thick I still can’t. gr.

Today Mom took me and I got my drivers permit.

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