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Windex cards and hot dogs

In Uncategorized on September 23, 2008 at 7:49 pm

Howdy from H-ville!

This morning while doing my morning chores (Funny how that works ), I was in the bathroom (which is connected to my bedroom), and I heard the following conversation:

Bubba: "Andie, Bunny’s got your windex cards!"
Bunny: "I’m not"
Bubba: "Yes you do.  Andie she’s throwing them around the room!"
Mama: "What’s going on in here?"
Bubba: "Bunny had Andies windex cards, but now she doesn’t, and I’m picking them up for her. *big cheesey grin*"

I bet your wondering what any of that has to do with hot dogs.  It doesn’t.  But the experiment I did at lunch does.  I was cooking hot dogs in the Microwave, and Mama warned me not to cook them to long, or they might explode.   She also told me that if you poke holes in them, they won’t explode.  So I took them out and poked ’em with a fork.  But, having the Inquisitive mind I do, I wanted to know if it was true that if you poke holes in a hot dog, that it won’t explode.  So when they where done,  I took them out and put them all on bread slices, but one.  The one, I put back  in the Microwave.  I cooked it for a total of five minutes, and it didn’t explode.  Boy, that was one hot puppy.  Instead of exploding, it shrunk, to about 3/4 the size it started at.  Boy that was fun.   I love doing stupid experiments.  But I still wonder hoe long it takes to explode a hot dog… I’ll try not poking holes in one next time.  And maybe sometime, see if they explode in water…. Hmm.

Have I mentioned she's silly?

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Ah Sarah!  You are a wealth of laughter!
    Last week she was talking about all the times she gets up at night, Mama said "you must not get much sleep at night."  and Sarah said "No… not when I’m awake."    We all had a good laugh, and went on with the day.

   Then, Friday, there was a beetle flying around her head.  It finally landed in the driveway, and she ran up and squished it.  I was playing basketball with Bear and Uncle Bunpark (When they got their phone set up, AT&T
 messed up their name, and it says Bunpark when they call).   Sarah started screaming and jumping up and down and shaking her head trying to get a bug out of her hair.  When she got it out, she noticed  what it was, and started crying/laughing. Earlier that day, she had gone to the store with Mama and was carrying Bunny on her back in the Ergo.  Mama gave Bunny a peppermint, and of course she spit it out in Sarah’s hair.  Well, as it turns out the peppermint was still in her hair.  When she threw her hair back she saw it and started freakin’ out. What a silly sister I have!

But she’s not the only one, Bunny is hilarious!  This  morning, after church, she had been running around and her new shoes (she got her first pair of tennies!  They’re so cute, plain white, but adorable! She LOVES them!), and they came untied, or she untied them, she loves doing that.  Mama picked her up and asked me to tie them.  Bunny started screaming and said, in a very deep voice "I TIE SHOES !" and grabbed the laces and started twisting them up!

That’s enough for now.

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