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Well she tagged everyone.

How City Are You?

[x] I’ve drunk Starbucks more than once in my life (Twice, I think)
[x] Sometimes I link arms when I walk with someone(only if I trying to keep up or helping them keep up)
[] I shop at AE, A&F, or HCO(HUH?)
[] I own 4 or more dress shirts/dresses
[] I will never be caught without my cell phone
[] I blow dry/straighten my hair on a daily basis
total: 2

[] I will wear flip flops no matter what the weather

[] I own an over sized pair of sunglasses

[] I own 1 or more pairs of ripped jeans
[] I layer my shirts 
[] I have/had a "Myspace mirror picture"
total so far: 2

[] When I’m not drinking Starbucks I prefer water
[] I get annoyed with tom-boys..(Uh,  kinda can’t!)
[] I own an over sized bag or purse (mines too small)
[] I have seen every episode of Laguna Beach
[] My new favorite is the Hills (?)
[x] I say "lol" in online chat (who doesn’t?!?!?)
[x] own straight legged jeans (do boys jeans count?)
total so far: 4

[] I walk across the street when cars are there or not
[X] I wear necklaces(better than bracelets)
[x] I own an i Pod/mp3 player
[x] I have the Internet
[x] have more than 1 screen name (yeah but their all about the same)
total so far: 7

[] I own/have owned a small teacup dog (what?!?!)
[] I have said "lol" or "OMG!" accidentally in a real conversation

[] I love shopping
[] I shop whenever I have a chance
[] I have watched the Simple Life.

Total so far: 7

multiply by 3 and put "I’m % City"

I’m 21% City!

How COUNTRY Are You?

have you?
[x] ridden a horse (a pony at the fair)
[x] owned a horse (toy)
[] owned land
[x] been 4 wheeling
[x] said "ain’t"(accidentally)
[] been cow-tipping
[] been deer hunting
[x] been swimming in a lake
[x] caught a fish
[X] seen a deer get skinned (in pictures and on video)
total: 8

[] have worked on a ranch or on land
[x] Have lived in a house in the middle of nowhere
[] have been duck hunting
[] have went swimming in a river
[x] driven/ridden in a truck

[] own/owned a rebel flag
[x] have said I don’t like it… I love it
total so far: 11

[x] have a funny accent or people have told you that

[] own or owned a pair of cowboy boots
[] own/owned a cowboy hat
[] own/have owned a big dog (no but we’ve wanted one for years!)
[x] say "y’all".(who doesn’t?)

[] have been made fun of for saying "y’all".  Nope, the opposite, kinda.  Using "big words".  Hey we where in South East AL.

total so far:13

You also
[]swear when you’re mad
[x] go/have gone to church on Sunday
[] have ridden a horse to somewhere in town
[x] have gone on a field trip to a farm/ranch
[] made deer jerky
[x] have eaten deer meat (a few times, It’s good, taste like beef)
[x] have shot a gun before (BB gun)

Total so far:17

I am 51% country!

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Blisters and sunburn!

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  Hedoh diddow cattowpiddah!

I have blisters between my toes and under the calluses on the balls of my feet from walking in flip flops.  Sunburns on my shoulders and back from wearing my new swimsuit without sunscreen. I hurt!  And I have a wacky tan line on my arms.  From right above my elbows, down, (on top) I have a really dark tan.  Right above that I have a really dark burn.  I also burned my legs.  For the first time. I’ve never burned my legs.  For once my face didn’t burn.  Enough languishing.

Oh, something funny happened this morning when I was cleaning my room.  For some reason, there have been no sheets on my bed for about two weeks, and today I decided to put some sheets on.  Now I sleep on a king size bed, and if you’ve ever tried to put sheets on by yourself, you know how hard it is.  So I asked if somebody  could help me with my sheets.  And guess who comes in to help.  Bunny toddles in followed by Scot.  Bunny is not much taller than the bed,  and Scot’s 4.  They meant well.  But I think it would be easier to do it myself.

  The conference was great! Go to The Rebelution for pictures.  If you look really close at picture 25,  you can see my Daddy’s bald head, I’m the girl next to him.

P.S. D’ya like the new template?

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