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Have you ever had Swirl bread toasted?  It’s really good!  But not so good after it has sat in the toaster for two days, then toasted again to warm it up for some girl’s breakfast.  Have you ever had Panera bread? It’s really good!  But not so good after it has sat on the counter overnight , and gone stale.  I guess you know what I ‘m having for breakfast.  Yep. I love stale garlic toast, it tastes like croutons (which I like to pour a plateful, and drench in caeser dressing. MMMHHH), so I thought my piece of bread from supper last night, would be great today.  I never thought about how hard it has then, and that it would be ,ouch , I bit ma tongue , twice as hard today.  In fact, when I was getting some last night, it didn’t occur to me to use a knife, so I was standing there, pulling with all my might, on a loaf of bread, and Mama said " You know, when they say ‘break bread’, they don’t mean you have to really break it.  You can use a knife." aahhh my enlightening MotherAnyway… you guessed it.  My bread is hard as a rock!  OK, not that hard.  But very, very, hard.  Tasty though.



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Oh man, I had a really great post.  All about my chamomile.  Really nice.  Pictures and words.  Not just words.  Not just pictures.  Both.Oh well… <Sigh> <Deep breath> Ok I’m good.

My Chamomile sprouted!!!

Here’s the pot.  I made it self watering, by punching holes in the bottom of an Ice-cream bucket and putting it in a cheap pot  (that mama had gotten but didn’t see that had a dent in it), with rocks in the bottom.  It’s worked well.  I haven’t had to water at all, of course, it’s been rainy.  Hmm…:


And a sprout (I know, it’s blurry, I tryed to fix it but couldn’t)

"Nuther" sprout:


 And my clay slug (from Flushed Away)

Lovable’s "Wisdom calls out in the streets"


Isn’t it good?!?

Time for bed!



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Jan Carroll is having an apron givaway!


Picture time

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Well, I need to post, so how ’bout some pictures?  If you want to read something, either read my last post or read a post on The Rebelution ( there’s a link on the side-bar and on my last post)


Musical and Bun-bun at Uncle K’s weding a few weeks ago.


Pretty "fowlers".


Time to get serious

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Well, I said I would be serious when the time comes.  So here I am, being serious.  First, if you have never been to The Rebelution ask you parents to read "The Myth of Adolescence", it hits some pretty deep stuff, I think they (your parents) would appreciate you having them read it first, and anyone who has kids should read it .

(click the links after you read this post) I was reading on The Rebelution, and I saw a post on the blog, called "The Myth of Adolescence" and I came to this paragraph:

Our world cannot last another generation of Christian young people who fit in. The shackles of society are on our minds and hearts, not our ankles. We are held back only by the myth of adolescence and the lies of social expectations. If we would only recognize that our restraints are illusory, and then let God’s Word and all of history govern our sense of what we are capable of, we would be a force this world could no longer ignore.

We face a crisis and an opportunity. A crisis, in the sense that we can no longer afford to slowly drift towards adulthood, viewing the teen years as a vacation from responsibility, and an opportunity, in the sense that we can embrace life now and make a difference for the glory of God, and for the good our family, our nation, and our world. Look down at your “ankle” and see the pathetic contrivance that has been restraining you. Now renew your mind in the light of God’s Word and take a step forward.


Ok, two paragraphs.  That first one realy caught my attention.  Especially that first sentence.  Hmm…


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Thank you Fiddler

1. favourite color: Pink

2. least favourite color: olive

3. color of pants: blue (denim)

4. color of shirt: Tie Dye

5. color of favourite CD: I don’t remember,  I didn’t like it so a made a sticker to cover it.
6. favourite color of dream car: Lime Green

7. color that you want your mom to dye her hair: I don’t want her to dye her hair!!!!

8. color of best friends brother’s eyes: I haven’t seen her brothers eyes, he’s too wiggly.
9. color of dream pet:  black
10. color of ipod: my MP3 player is black.  I don’t have an iPod.

11.  color of what you last ate: red (Strawberry):q

12. find what color you answered with most: Lime green and olive are both green right?  So green?
13. tag as many in the color: Green

Lets see: SamIAm BreezyTulip LittleBrownGirl Booklover Stillsmallvoice


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