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Tag Ed! (And yes I meant that. If you know anyone named Ed, tag them.)

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1.Do you have more than one enemy: Don’t think so.

2.Have you recently had the urge to take over the world: Not the whole world.

3.Do you love mint chocolate chip ice cream: Yes!

4.Do you snort when you laugh? Uh… Yeah, sometimes.

5.Do you have 1 or more minions: I have many mini minions.  Lovable, Musical, Bubba and Bunny.

6.Do you have a code name: Yes.  But I’m not tellin’.

7.Do you have the desire to own all that there is to own: No.

8.Do you know how to type an evil laugh correctly: Mwahahaha. Indeed.

9.Do you know how to laugh an evil laugh correctly: Yes

10.Do you have a specific continent in mind for your private island once you rule the world: I like Australia.

11.Will you do all in your power to be nice and kind to the animals: Not evil enough… well maybe a little.

12.Do you have a grandma that shares your sense of humor: Don’t think so.  Maybe?

13.Do you have a partner in your plans for world domination: Quite.

14.Have you always had a very commanding personality: I … uhhh…  I think so. (This is Lioness’ Mother:  YES.  She has.  🙂

15.Do you have a tendency to smile an evil grin: Yeah.

16.Have you have always been extremely spoiled and used to having your own way: No (This is Lioness’ Mother again.  She just lied. 🙂


How to tell, you ask? That is easy 0-3 yes’: you are not even remotely fit to rule;  4-6: you will make a competent ruler 7-11: I have seen worse, yet I have seen better 12-16: YOU ARE THE PERFECT PERSON TO RULE THE WORLD!!!

I don’t think I should though.



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Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday  dear Bubba!!  Happy Birthday TOOOOO YOUUUUUUU!!!!!

Here’re his cakes.

Him blowing out the candles.

His cool water car.

His kite.

Can you tell he likes Superman?


Little Laptop

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Greetings cowpokes,

I am $280 away from getting the laptop I want.  Yay!  It’s called an EEE PC and it’s $300.  If anyone has one of the $300 version, please let me know if it’s worth buying.  I have done the math (), and if I babysit 60 times at $5 a job, that would be $300, but I already have $120, so I need to watch the sibs (that’s who I babysit: Buddy, Bunny and Musical.  Lovable helps and gets paid $3.) about 44 more times.  Ok, my time’s up.


More Pictures

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Howdy Earthlings,

I got some cool pictures.


This one proves how slow our shutter is. (It’s a ball. Yeah.)

More "foyia".

And pictures of the ball run we built.

 Bubba and part 1 of our ball run.

 Bubba and part 2 of our ball run (I had to stand in the bathroom because we built it in the hallway.  That’s why there’s a doorjam in the pictures sometimes.)

 part 3 of our ball run. ( I finally got bubba to move.)

The view from the end of the hallway.

Nuf pics.  I did something weird Wednesday.  I, somehow, cut my finger on the pastry mixer thingy (which is not sharp) when I was making dumplings.  I think my hand slipped.  I don’t know.  It hurts.  Oh well. <hums along to In the Belly of a Whale>  Be careful when using a pastry cutter thing.  And when reaching into cabinets with "child proof closers".  Scrached the top of my other hand when I was getting a bandaid for my knuckle. Ouch <very dryly>.  I got all kinds of scratches.  Ok, I’m done gripein’.


Pumpkin bread/bars

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Hi-low Everypeople

Pumpkin bars I made for Keepers.  Now all I have to do is bake a cake and a pie.  I’m going to atempt a pastery crust, for the pie I mean.


Weird dream last night

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Last night I had a dream.  But you knew that already didn’t you.  I think I’ll tell it as a narrative.  It’s short.  The dream I mean.  The dream was short.  Really short.  Super duper short.  Short short shhhooorrrttt.  Shorty short short. My dream was short, yes it was, my dream was super short.

I was working in a grocery store (where did that come from?).  It was freezing cold and snowing.  The manager told me to go out and get the delivery of frozen ham.  The truck had to drop off the delivery out front because the snow plow couldn’t make it to the back, because the alley  was too narrow.  I went out to the sidewalk and picked up two frozen half-hams ( it was weird because they where in, well, turkey bags.  You know, what the turkey comes in when its frozen).  I opened the door with my foot.  Someone asked me,  "Hey Lioness!  Why’d you kick the door like that?"  So I answered,  "Because my hands were full of ham!  That’s why."  They questioned me again, "Well why didn’t you just get one at a time?"  Again I answered, "Have you been out there?  It’s freezing  outside!!!  I’m gonna make as few trips as possible!"  And then… Daddy woke me up to say good-bye.  It was time for him to go to work.  Rats.

It was a short dream.  I just put in every detail I could remember.

  I’l post tomorrow about St. Valentine’s Day.



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Hi again,

I found this fun game but I need someone else to play with, so I thought I’d post the pass. for Goober (That would be you if you want to play). The Password for Goober is: peanut.  Please play, it’s super fun, if you like Scrabble.



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Greetings Earthlings,

I think I have figured out how to make a button!!!!!!! Ya for me!

Here’s mine

And here’s the code

<a target="_blank" href="; _fcksavedurl="""&quot; _fcksavedurl="""&quot; _fcksavedurl=""><img src="; _fcksavedurl="""&quot; _fcksavedurl="""&quot; _fcksavedurl=""></a><br&gt;


I hope this works.



Me, Myself and Bob

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Howdy every-folks,

Yes I got bored from Redwall, they all started, kinda, sounding the same. I still like it, but I wanted to read some non-fiction.  I am now reading "Me, Myself & Bob A True Story About Dreams, God, and Talking Vegetables" By Phil Vischer.  So far I Like it.  It’s about his life and all the trouble he had trying to get some publisher to invest n his business.   Some  are willing to sell it once it’s made and some just don’t think a 24 year old could make a CGI, 30-minute, Christian   kids’ show.

   Now I am in chapter 11 "Have We Got a Show for You".  He finally got some funding to get the equipment, and has made the script, got 2 kinda employees, an office (sorta), and recorded some.  I’m not very far into 11, I just started this morning.  But I’m pretty far into the book for just getting it Saturday, from the library.

   I’m not going to post much about it, ’cause I think you should read it.  But I will try to post about it every few days.

   Lovable thought up a little poem to put on Musical’ and her’s ST. Valentine’s Day Gifts. 

You might not be BIG,

You might not be TALL.

But your heart is ENORMOUS.

So, for you.  A DOLL.

Here’s the doll they made.  Idnit cute?!?

   Have you ever heard of Keepers at Home or Contenders of The Faith?  I kinda do Keepers, and my sisters Lovable and Musical would to if they had the book.  I’m working on Baking and Letters.  In Baking all I have to do now is bake: a cake, a pie and dessert bread.  I’ve already finished:


Yeast Bread

and for pot-lock (as Musical calls it) I made a cherry Cobbler that some thought was chocolate at first glance, then got some and thought it was either blackberry or blueberry.

I also am starting a recipe collection. 

   For Letters I’ve got to: Mail off the "Thank You"s to my Great-Grandmama and Greatgrandaddy M and Papaw, write a letter to Unkeet, write a letter to Mr. Frank Buckles (one of the last WWI veterans).  I have finished:Showing the proper format of a letter, showing how to address a letter, explain why a return address is important.

  Ok, I just want to show you a super cool picture I took of the Kansas City sky-line.  I took this picture while we were on the way to church for my Bible Quiz practice, and then to pick-up Daddy from the airport.

Idnit good?  I took it out the windshield with the flash off.

Ok, now that I’ve bored you to tears, I’m signing off (You’re singing the "Hallelujah Chorus" aren’t you?).




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Tagged By SAMIAM.  Rules: I have to say 6 random things about myself and then tag 6 other people.

  1.  I really like comics, you know, Baby Blues, Charlie Brown stuff like that.
  2.  I have a 20Q,  that I like to play.
  3.  I like LEGO.
  4.  I like to adapt recipes.
  5.  I wear contacts.
  6.  I’m preaty fluent in Pig Latin

6 people I tag:

  1. First person that comments
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