How to make a paper heart Valentine bag

In Actions in Activities on January 15, 2008 at 9:27 am

It’s craft time.

Step one:  Fold two pieces of paper in half (together, the short way). 

Cut the paper in half (short way).  Round the edges and cut on

the fold (lay one piece on top of the other to see how far up to cut)


Step two: Weave strip 1 through strip A.


Step three: Weave strip B through strip 1.


Step four: Stick strip 1 through strip C.

Step five: Slide up.

Step six: Continue weaving starting

with strip A through strip 2.

Step seven: Fill your Valentine with

goodys for your friends.


Step eight: Glue or tape edges shut.


 And we’re done.  Now I know those

aren’t Valentiney colors but I couldn’t

find any others.


 This one’s my favorite. TN colors.






  1. THat's cute. THough I'm not that craftsie of a person. I used to be though


  2. Thats pretty cool! Did you come up with the idea yourself???

  3. No my grandmama was a school teacher and she made these. And it's on the web and in books and stuff.


  4. You did a good job, Sweetie! I like the UT colors, too! Love you,
    Your Mama Lamba

  5. Weres the tag?

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