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Have you ever tried to find a place where you can download classical music for free?
well we found a place to do that, and listen to it too. I had it all picked out and I went to download it, I look and THERE WAS NO DOWNLOAD BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!IT MADE ME SO MAD I JUST HAD TO…I COULDN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT SO GRRRRR.
Tater tot did the funniest thing yesterday. Me mama and lovable are sitting in the living room, then t.t comes in holding a open box of crayons. Mama asks him whos they are and I say musicals and she says “musicallll!!” t.t jumps holds out his finger at and says “shh!” then he runs to the sofa shoves them under a pillow, and jumps up on to the pillow and sits on them. Then musical runs in and gets her crayons. But like I said the box was openand one crayon fell out on the sofa lovable (gasp) knocks off the crayon t.t stomps and brakes it!

never a dull moment in the fold. ‘sept maybe when t.ts down for his nap, everybodys gota be quite. have youever had “puppy dog chow” its soooo good. its like chex dipped in chocolate and then covered in a thick powdered suger. yum yum yumy!


QUOTE:”(with big eyes) I’M UNSNAPTED” Who? Tater Tot of coarse!

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Da last one

LETTERS 9-2006

Has anyone else noted,
That everyone likes letters.
But noone likes to write them,
And says “I won’t, they better”.

under this poem in my book I have a comic strip like thing,
there’s stik mans office with a note pined to the wall that says “everyone likes letters” and then stik man thinking “maybe I’ll write a letter.” then he sits down at his desk and thinks “what am I going to write?” and then saying out loud “I won’t, they better”. I don’t have any more YET, But don’t worry I’ll write more.


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More from my book.

MY BUG 8/30/05

Some bugs stick, some do tricks,
Some do tricks with sticks.
My bug is made out of a house,
A mini house. Not even big enough for a mouse,
Maybe a louse, but definitely not a mouse.
His legs are made out of trees and posts and antennas for TVs.
And bushes for His knees, and if He were to sneeze
His nose would shoot berries, for his head is a small mulberry tree.
His little eyes kind of look like pizza pies and his antenna look like fries.
I like my bug best of all, I think I shall name Him Paul.

WOW that is probably my longest poem ever!


Purr purr. Growl growl.
You’ll hear this I’m on the prowl.
My stripes are fierce as you can see.
Everyone runs when they see ME!

KIND OF PREDICTABLE HUH? Oops I didn’t mean to hit caps lock. Lovable has a message to the WORLD “LIONESS has ugly hot pink fuzzy knee high socks!” uh-oh gtg! We’re visiting today.


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I don’t know if mama has told you, But I like poetry, I write it to, And everyone has asked me to post them. So I’m a gona’ post ’em! But first! How I became interested in poetry. As I recall it was one afternoon in 2005 we were watching “reading rainbow” and it was about…Um…What WAS it about? Anyway I tried and tried to think of a poem. Then one day I was sitting at the “desk” in our bedroom looking out the window at the sunflowers we had planted (that’s probably the only thing we planted from seed or otherwise that matter that did not die. But then we found out that we had planted them in the wrong place). And, somehow and I don’t know how, but I wrote down on the paper on the paper. And then I was on a ROLL, and by the end of the day I had written 3 poems. Now I will publish them for the first time!!!!!!


Pixie dust and faries wings,
these are little girls dreams.
Swords clang and dragons flare,
little boys dreams are everywhere.

yah not so good but I got others.
And now the one that started it ALL.

THE (or my) WINDOW 8/9/05

the window is a place, where I can sit and think,
where I watch the birds sing,
where I can listen to the wind blow through the window

A SONG (who knows when I wrote this one)

life is a song ment to be sung,
by all the little ones.
but some are quite and some are loud,
but all of them sing.

even when babes aren’t born yet, there heart starts beating when they are something like three weeks old IN THE WOMB!

Well I will write more later have GOT TO GO TO BED!ZZZZZZZZZZ.

tatter tot when he was half asleep in the morning ” Hedo didda cadapida”

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